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About Us

12 Stones Inspection Services was born out of the commitment Jeff Hunt has to the real estate community to provide a professional inspection for property being bought and sold. He has been in the construction business for over 25 years and is a licensed roofing contractor. My team understands that our customers and agents want a consistent inspection report that is easy to read. 12 Stones does this by communicating with our customers in terminology that describes the condition of the home in a way that they can understand it. Our customers want to know what systems run their home and how to take care of them.

In January of 2003 the state of Illinois made it a requirement for home inspectors to be licensed. All 12 Stones Inspection Services inspectors meet and exceed the Illinois requirement. We follow the ASHI standards of practice to insure a quality inspection and rely on our experience to provide a quality home inspection report.

12 Stones’ Inspector:

  • Jeff Hunt
  • Jeff Hunt
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Jeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt, founder and owner, was the host of a live call in radio show on home improvement for 12 years. It was while hosting that Saturday morning WSOY radio show that he came to understand the need to provide the community with answers to questions about their homes. Jeff was able to consult with many of those callers, as well as his customers he served while owner of Gates & Johnson Lumber & Roofing Co. He recognized the need to provide unbiased information about the various systems of the homes in our community.

Jeff’s promise to you is that all 12 Stones’ inspectors will provide an unbiased professional inspection service in central Illinois, and help you transition from one place into a better place. That is why he named the company 12 Stones. The name is a reflection of a biblical reference about crossing over from one place to a better place.

Here is what Jeff has to say about the inspection process:

“ I have come to understand that my customers want a unbiased look at the house they are buying or selling. In order to communicate different aspects of the home I use an easy to understand report. Agents tell me that when their clients see a sample of our report, we are usually their first choice. When clients call to set up their inspection I tell them about the inspection process and the fee for the inspection on the home. A relationship begins to form as the inspection is scheduled with me. Because of the trust clients put in me, and the importance of a quality home inspection report I feel a strong obligation to deliver the best every time.” — Jeff Hunt