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Agents Only

“We appreciate referrals.”

12 Stones Inspection Services appreciates agent referrals for home inspections. We always look forward to building a relationship with you, the agent. Our home inspection should always compliment your real estate transaction process. We give the buyer peace of mind and comfort, as they get closer to the closing of there home. We want to work with you and your client to make the closing go smoothly for everyone. 12 Stones’ inspectors believe in building a trusting relationship between agents, inspection customers, and us.

As an agent you know and understand that communication is key between the inspector and your client. It is just as important to have clear communication between the 12 Stones’ inspector and our customer’s agent. One form of communication that 12 Stones uses to keep the agents informed is our monthly newsletter. The newsletter gives agents various perspectives on the home inspection process, which will be useful when talking with your client. The newsletter features several sections that give real estate tips from successful realtors in the area, home maintenance tips, and even an update on what 12 Stones is doing to serve you better.

We are excited to offer realtors a way to have some fun with our newsletter. You have a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. The way it works is once we schedule and complete the home inspection that has been referred by an agent, that agent qualifies for the monthly 12 Stones’ drawing.

We will assign the agent a username for their online home inspection report; part of that username will be a four-digit number. Every month three agents will be chosen at random to receive a $50.00 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice. The way to win the gift certificate is by reading the newsletter and finding the number that corresponds to your username. If you find the numbers and one of them corresponds with your username number you need to call our office to confirm that it is your number in the newsletter this month. We will then ask what your favorite restaurant is, and get you a $50 gift certificate.

It’s that easy!

EXAMPLE: The agent number in the sample newsletter is (6543). If you read through the sample newsletter and find the number call our office to receive a prize. Good luck.

Step-by-Step Directions for Reviewing a Report

  • You will receive and email from 12 Stones every time a client of yours gets a home inspection. This email will include your username and password.
  • Go to www.12stones.us, a link on the email you receive
  • Log-in on the Homepage (upper right-hand corner)
  • Put it your username and password
  • A list of your clients’ home inspections will be listed; you will need to find the client name and address you are looking for. The inspections are sorted by date.
  • Next click on the report number next to the client’s name, this will take you the specific client page
  • Click on either link at the bottom of the page to download the home inspection report or to view pictures and comments from the home inspection
Once you have reviewed the report and the pictures log-out.