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“Ever since you introduced your Seller’s Home Inspection service I have used it in my listing presentations. Many times when my sellers purchased the inspection for the perspective buyer to view, the homes sold quicker and the buyers waived his right to have further inspections. One of the advantages of a seller’s inspection is that if any serious defects are discovered they can be addressed beforehand by making necessary repairs or adjusting the price accordingly. Actually nothing is sold until all inspections are done. I also appreciate receiving an agent’s copy of the inspection, which other home inspectors do not offer this courtesy. Seller home inspections are definitely a selling feature, eliminating any unforeseen snags occurring with inspections done after an accepted purchase contract.”
Jane Farrell, Brinkoetter & Associates


“I wanted to let you know that as a homebuyer, I am very impressed with the home inspection that you provided for me. Your professionalism and knowledge helped me gain a better understanding of my new home and made me feel more comfortable about my investment.”

“I especially appreciate you taking your time explaining to me all aspects of your inspection along with your opinions on the over all quality of the home. In talking to you, I get a strong sense that you really have a high desire to make sure the home buyers, like me, know as much as possible about the home that we are buying. Thanks again for providing a top quality, professional, and thorough inspection.”
Duan Fran, homebuyer