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Why 12 Stones?

Clients often ask us how we came up with the name 12 Stones Inspection Services. The name 12 Stones is a scriptural reference from the book of Joshua (Joshua 4:3). In the fourth chapter Joshua is called to do several tasks for the Lord, and the story is told about the 12 Tribes of Israel that cross the Jordan River. The Lord stopped the waters during the flood stage of the river. After they had crossed over the river bed they were told go back into the river bed and gather one rock for each tribe and use the rocks to build a alter in remembrance of Him and what he had provided. This was an opportunity for the people to have a better place to live. Each of the twelve tribes carried a rock out of the riverbed and made an alter. That walk and the 12 Stones symbolize their miraculous cross over to the other side of the Jordan River.

The biblical reference paints an image of moving from one place to a better place. That is exactly what 12 Stones believes we can help you accomplish in the real estate business. We can help you cross over from where you have been to a better place.